Invisalign Smile Gallery

Before & After Invisalign Pictures

In the top row, before Invisalign, our patient’s charming smile was missing something….one could barely see her bottom teeth. In fact, hers was a classic overbite. The bottom row, shows her beautiful smile after Invisalign. Now, this is a smile that shines beautifully and, her bite has been improved!

Before & After Invisalign:

Check out the difference in the patient’s arches, and her radiant smile after Invisalign Treatment:

Before on Top, Final Results on Bottom:


“I had always considered my smile a real asset, but with age (I turn 66 this spring), my mirror was reflecting a smile that was not as flattering as in my younger days. Teeth were shifting, and more importantly, gaps and slants in my lower teeth were making it impossible to maintain healthy gums. No matter how diligently I flossed, brushed, water-picked, and ate healthy, my gums remained sensitive and often infected. After a lot of discussion, thought along with serious monetary considerations, I decided to carry out the Invisalign treatment. I AM SO GALAD I DID–my periodontal problems have vanished and my smile gets more compliments than ever before. I give praise and thanks for my “new” smile and healthy gums to my finally-found dentist. (Since living in Florida for fifteen years, I’ve switched dentists often before finding her.) Dr. Marisol Lopez-Belio attentively guided me through each step of Invisalign. I always felt confident and happy with every office visit–and there were many visits. Her pragmatic approach and thorough precision gave me the confidence and motivation to know that I was doing the best thing for my health and my smile. And, best of all, I have proof (noticed by all who see me smile) that I made the right decision.” ~ Sue Mehok

Another Success Story:

This time, a gentleman benefitted from Invisalign! Notice the front gap, the crooked and slanted teeth in the top picture. Following Invisalign, we made a few crowns for him and the bottom picture….well, it says it all!

Donald Gooding1

Another patient shows us the impact Invisalign had on her teeth:

Before & After Invisalign Case Study Photos
Before & After
Another Success Story with Invisalign:

And another:

Teeth are now standing straight and even; the protruding tooth is nicely tucked in where it belongs.

Before and After:

Above: Notice the straight teeth, especially on the lower teeth!  

Invisalign makes a difference!

Still, another happy adult:

The overlap is gone, so too are the crooked, short teeth:

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