Smile Gallery Before and After Photos

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Before & After Implants:

Before and after implants image

Before & After Invisalign & Porcelain Restorations:

Before & After Full Reconstruction:

Before and after full mouth reconstruction

Before & After Full Reconstruction:

A Gentleman Sees a Striking Difference:

A Gentleman Sees a Striking Difference

Before & After A Full Reconstruction

Before & After A Full Reconstruction

Before & After Reconstruction

Before & After images of full mouth Reconstruction

Another Reconstruction

Before and After Full Mouth Reconstruction

Before & After Veneers

Before & After Veneers

before and after dental veneers

before and after porcelain veneers


Before & After Invisalign



Before and After Invisalign Treatment

Look at the angle of the teeth above.  In the after picture (bottom) the teeth are straight and the slant and unevenness is no longer present. The upper teeth are now in their ideal position and look wonderful!

Another Before & After Invisalign:  

Seen from a technical view rather than from that of a pretty smile….

 The gap between the two front teeth is gone!   So too, the irregular slant!
Another way to view Invisalign’s great results, see the arches change in this Before (Top)  & After (Bottom) picture: