Oral Cancer & Dental Implants

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral Cancer represents 85% of all head and neck cancers.  

Unfortunately, most if not all cases of oral cancer, go undetected because there are no obvious symptoms such as pain or obvious lesions. Thus, detection of oral cancer often happens during later stages of the cancer when it is much more serious and possibly has metastasized. 90% of oral cancers are squamous cell carcinoma.  It is a very serious condition which requires immediate treatment.

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Oral Cancer Screening With Velscope VX:

We pride ourselves on offering our patients oral cancer screenings during dental hygiene visits. We are even more excited to offer patients oral cancer screenings using the VELscope VX. Used in all major cancer centers, the Velscope allows dentists and medical professionals the ability to identify oral cancers early – before its visible to the naked eye. It’s blue light stimulates the natural fluorescence found in the soft tissues of the mouth and this is what assists in early detection! Oral cancer, if found early, has an approximately 83% (5 year) survival rate!

Video: Watch An Oral Cancer Screening With Velscope VX

Dr. Lopez-Belio working on a patient for Oral Cancer & Dental Implants

As you can see, the Velscope is a wireless, handheld scope that uses natural tissue fluorescence to enhance the way we visualize oral mucosal abnormalities.

A patient’s experience with oral cancer (Early Detection)

After a diagnosis of Squamous Cell Carcinoma on the lingual surfaces of the lower front teeth, our patient had the cancer removed by a partial resection of the mandible and the removal of five teeth ( later a sixth tooth) at MD Anderson In Houston. This left our patient with a very large hole in the lower jaw which then had to be reconstructed in order to restore normal function and aesthetics. It was a long journey, but it was successful.  Patient is cancer-free and enjoying a full set of teeth and a new smile.

Upper Left picture shows the hole left after the removal of the teeth and the affected bone.  To the right, is the all porcelain bridge that was ultimately attached to the three dental implants. Below is the completed restoration.

Before and after Oral Cancer & Dental Implant

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