Neuromuscular Braces: THE STEPS

The sole purpose of this page is to show our patients what the steps are for Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics: Each step of the case in pictures. Of course, each case is slightly different, depending on the needs and age of patient.

In this example, patient was 11 years old when we started. He was suffering with terrible migraines. He had been to a neurologist and many doctors with no results. We tensed him to relax the muscles of the face during several sessions. This was followed by the K-7 Neuromuscular Study (see Braces: Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics on this website)  to determine his ideal bite. He wore an Orthotic for 2 months, followed by an upper expander, and a new lower orthotic.

Before Treatment, and Wearing Lower Orthotic (on the Bottom) at Ideal Bite:

Migraines disappeared within two weeks.

Expander on top with Orthotic on the bottom:

Five months later braces were placed on the top teeth and he continued to wear the lower orthotic.

Four months later, the lower braces were placed, keeping the same Bite.

Two years later, patient completed orthodontics and has had no recurrence of headaches.

Before Treatment & After Treatment:

Before Treatment & After Treatment:

Another View: Before & After:


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