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Submitted via email:

Absolutely the best dentist; in a league of her own. From Liarra at the reception desk to assistant Danielle and hygienist Candy, Dr. Lopez-Belio and her staff are amazing. I rate her Wellington Center for Laser Dentistry a 10+. Rest assured you will have excellent service.  ~Judy B. Yoder. 2024

As a previous client/patient, in my opinion, Dr. Lopez-Belio’s work, knowledge, professionalism, and family atmosphere supersedes any dentist I’ve ever had. With every appointment, I feel I am visiting family. She holds her staff to the same standard as she herself provides, offering that friendly family atmosphere which instills a calm comfortable feeling before getting into the chair. The warmth and concern is extended, no just for me, but also for my family. In the past, I’ve left her for dentists offered through my insurance, however, being so disappointed in their work and knowledge, I find myself funning back to Dr. Lopez-Belio and her staff for help. I cannot think of a single thing to improve your practice for your clients. When you are the best, what is there to change. Love you guys!  Kathy D.

I had always considered my smile a real asset, but with age (I turn 66 this spring), my mirror was reflecting a smile that was not as flattering as in my younger days. Teeth were shifting, and more importantly, gaps and slants in my lower teeth were making it impossible to maintain healthy gums. No matter how diligently I flossed, brushed, water-picked, and ate healthy, my gums remained sensitive and often infected. After a lot of discussion, thought along with serious monetary considerations, I decided to carry out the Invisalign treatment. I AM SO GALAD I DID–my periodontal problems have vanished and my smile gets more compliments than ever before. I give praise and thanks for my “new” smile and healthy gums to my finally-found dentist. (Since living in Florida for fifteen years, I’ve switched dentists often before finding her.) Dr. Marisol Lopez-Belio attentively guided me through each step of Invisalign. I always felt confident and happy with every office visit–and there were many visits. Her pragmatic approach and thorough precision gave me the confidence and motivation to know that I was doing the best thing for my health and my smile. And, best of all, I have proof (noticed by all who see me smile) that I made the right decision.
~ Sue Mehok

My name is Bob Biancucci and I’ve been suffering from TMJ/TMD for the past six years. I had headaches, jaw pain,neck pain , as well as shoulder and back pain. My bite was was off causing a lot of pain. I went to a number of Dentists and Doctors to see if they could help me, but to no avail. Nothing seemed to work for me. Recently I did some research and found Dr. Lopez-Belio’s web site and noted she specialized in TMJ/TMD. I went for a consultation and Dr. Lopez-Belio said she could help me. I must say Dr. Lopez-Belio did help me. By using a high tech evaluation and tracking system of the jaw Dr. Lopez-Belio developed an appliance that helped correct my bite and relax many of the muscles causing me pain. Dr. Lopez -Belio helped me. I am sure she could help you.
~Bob Biancucci

 It has been said that the smile is the most beautiful attire you can wear. I hated my smile with my funny, little crooked teeth. I had seen smiles that Dr. Lopez-Belio had created. I thought, “If I could have teeth that looked like that I would smile all of the time!” Dr. Lopez-Belio is such an artist! She makes sure that your teeth fit your face size and look beautiful and natural. She’s a true perfectionist. Once I made my decision, I had total confidence in her ability. The procedure was easy ( for the patient ) and painless. Now I wonder why I waited so long. I love my smile and will always be grateful to Dr. Lopez-Belio and her friendly, professional staff for my “most beautiful attire”, my smile.
~Sharon Burkhardt
” I really appreciated how Dr. Lopez-Belio took care of my wife’s front tooth – she not only did a great job, but saved us thousands by avoiding the procedure for an implant! “
Signed:  Ray P.
” The expertise, precision, and undivided attention in performance is unmatched by Dr. Lopez-Belio and her staff.  As a patient, you feel relaxed before and after your visit no matter what the Dental procedure may have been. Congratulations to all for a job well done beyond my expectations! “
Signed:  Jo G.
” Your attention to detail was outstanding. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. You treat your patients like family….”
Signed:  John H.
From Patient Surveys:
“I moved here years ago from the East Coast. Was given the referral by a friend. It’s been my home for all my dental needs ever since. The entire office staff is cordial and competent. Doctor Lopez is superb in every way, skilled dentistry, up with all the latest in dentistry…gentle in her approach and considerate of any special needs. She and her staff provide helpful counseling re. the “how to’s” for maintaining good dental health. Without question, the very best!!!”
  Signed: June A.