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Fibroma Removal

What is a Fibroma?

A Fibroma is a thick fibrous tissue which grows from repeated trauma such as biting your cheek or tongue repeatedly.  We use the laser to remove the fibroma.

Laser removes fibroma in mouth

Laser removes fibroma on tongue


Before Frenectomy
Before Frenectomy

After Frenectomy with laser dentistry
After Frenectomy

Apthous Ulcer

Apthous Ulcer Laser Treatment Before and After
Before and After Apthous Ulcer Laser Treatment


Before & After Laser Treatment ( Only Four Days have elapsed, see the improvement! )

Before Laser Treatment and 4 Days After Laser Treatment Photos

Herpetic Ulcer

Before & After Laser Treatment for Herpetic Ulcer

Before and After Photos, Laser Treatment for Herpetic Ulcer


Mucocele Removal

Before & After Mucocele Removal

Removal of Pigmented Lesion:

Before & After Removal of Pigmented Lesion

Removal of Hemongioma with NdYag Laser:

Before & After Removal of Hemongioma with NdYag Laser

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