Gum Disease Laser Therapy Wellington, FL

Wavelength-optimized Periodontal Therapy (WPT) :

If you have Periodontal or Gum Disease, you should know about the latest, conservative, gum therapy. It is a minimally invasive treatment of periodontal disease using the Nd:YAG & Er:YAG Laser Energy with the PowerLase AT.

The latest conservative gum therapy uses a laser! See Video Below about WPT Laser.

Laser Dentistry

WPT™ can help eliminate infection and heal diseased gums which otherwise could lead to early tooth loss.

The laser gently disinfects and evaporates diseased tissues from around the tooth and inside the gum pocket. This treatment interrupts the bacterial destruction of the tissues and bone, giving the gum pocket a chance to heal. This new laser therapy is gentle, less painful, and has a quick recovery. While surgery may still be indicated for severely advanced periodontal cases, laser therapy is a much more conservative, effective and comfortable option for beginning, moderate, to advanced periodontal cases.

How does it work?

A small amount of light energy from a laser is directed through a tiny fiber, which is gently placed between the gum and tooth. This light energy aids in reducing the bacteria associated with the disease. Tartar is removed from the root surface of the tooth. After the area is thoroughly cleaned, the body can heal the area naturally. The actual procedure can be virtually painless.

See WPT Laser in action in this incredible video:

Does it hurt?

The area may be anesthetized for your comfort although the procedure itself can be virtually painless. Post-procedure discomfort is typically less intense and of shorter duration than conventional periodontal surgery.

How long does it take?

The initial treatment will focus on scaling and use of small instruments to remove the tartar. Then, the laser portion of the treatment will be performed. Depending on the severity of the periodontal disease, treatment may be accomplished in one office visit or in multiple visits. Your estimated treatment time will be reviewed when the treatment plan is discussed.

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