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Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics is the placement of braces that takes into consideration all the factors that impact how you bite. The Neuromuscular Dentist studies your mouth from various perspectives, concentrating on the interaction of the facial muscles with the joints and bones of your jaw, the position of your teeth, and your airway, so that when the braces are placed, the end result will be an optimal bite, avoiding the chance for relapse.

It’s simple to understand when you look at your teeth as part of the whole of your body:

  • Teeth are surrounded by muscles (cheeks and tongue).
  • Muscles are constantly at work, exerting pressure on the teeth.
  • Muscle forces can affect facial development, tooth alignment ( some crooked, some rotated), and head posture.
  • Excessive mouth breathing causes the tongue to exert abnormal pressure on teeth, often making the front teeth move outward (open bite).
  • A restricted airway in a young person can contribute to a narrowed dental arch and crowding of the teeth.
  • Many factors cause muscle forces that adversely affect a person’s bite.

Each individual is analyze with photographs, models, and X-rays for a complete skeletal and facial analysis. Knowing how your teeth, muscles and joints work together, we position the jaw in its proper relaxed position (physiologic rest). Those patients suffering from TMD will require further tests, including the use of the Low Frequency TENS, and the K-7 Study, which includes electromyography, jaw tracking, range of motion study, and joint sonography.

We do this to achieve relaxation of facial and masticatory muscles and to determine the ideal jaw position. Patients experience a gentle massage of the jaw muscles. Then the correct position of the jaw is determined and the braces are placed accordingly.

We look at Facial Orthopedics (changes in facial bones), Skeletal Correction, and Tooth Correction when considering orthodontic treatment. Our goal: A healthier, happier, and yes, a more beautiful you!

Who says Adults Don’t Wear Braces?

Our beautiful patient came to see us with terrible migraines, neck and jaw pain, and frustrated at not having found a solution after many, many visits to doctors. She is now pain free, and the top braces have been removed! Soon she will be able to model a beautiful smile with an optimal bite, while boasting that she’s pain free! You should have seen her neuromuscular charts and the results of her dental studies!

Before & After neuromuscular braces:

“Dr. Lopez-Belio and the entire staff are incredible. They are all so welcoming and treat you like part of their family. I had suffered with TMJ for many years and had also needed braces. My TMJ had gotten so bad that i needed to seek help, but was scared of having a huge procedure done, which was one of the recommendations from another dentist. Dr. Lopez-Belio was able to help me without having to do any surgery. Her attention to detail and attentiveness always made me feel confident that i had chosen the best dentist. After completing the TMJ treatment, I was able to get my braces and correct my bite. My smile has never looked so good, and i am always getting compliments on what a great job she did. I also no longer have the pain in my jaw that i used to have. My husband and i will only be going to this dentist for our cleanings and checkups from now on knowing that we are in good hands. Thank you for everything.” Natassia B.

another happy patient shows off before & after pics


Another View of the Same Patient: This time look at the arches before and after:

Before & After:

Carolyn 02 Carolyn 04

Carolyn 01

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