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What is Neuromuscular Dentistry?

Neuromuscular Dentistry is an approach to dentistry that looks at a person’s teeth as part of an interrelated whole, composed, not only by teeth, but by facial muscles, nerves, bone, joints (jaw bone and jaw joint), neck, posture, and a person’s airway.  Why?  Because science has shown that each of these body parts impacts how the other works.

The Neuromuscular Dentist looks to establishing the ideal “optimal” bite position for each individual based on in-office studies that allow for the teeth, muscles, nerves, joints, and airway to function at their very best. Tooth restorations and other dental procedures are performed in accordance with the individual’s optimal bite.  It’s easy to comprehend really, if you see your mouth as a part of the whole body and understand that every aspect of your body has a function to perform which is vital to the well-being of the whole.

Science and technology allow the neuromuscular dentist to give you the best care possible.  As a result you will have a beautiful smile, and above all, an optimally functioning bite.  Check out our page on Your Bite, What’s the Big Deal?  for more information and pictures of bites that lead to problems of a diverse nature.

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A patient is thrilled with the results of Neuromuscular treatment – The Orthotic has completely eliminated his pain and discomfort:

Before and after Neuromuscular treatment

Man smiling after Neuromuscular treatment

“My name is Bob Biancucci and I’ve been suffering from TMJ/TMD for the past six years. I had headaches, jaw pain,neck pain , as well as shoulder and back pain. My bite was was off causing a lot of pain. I went to a number of Dentists and Doctors to see if they could help me, but to no avail. Nothing seemed to work for me. Recently I did some research and found Dr. Lopez-Belio’s web site and noted she specialized in TMJ/TMD. I went for a consultation and Dr. Lopez-Belio said she could help me. I must say Dr. Lopez-Belio did help me. By using a high tech evaluation and tracking system of the jaw Dr. Lopez-Belio developed an appliance that helped correct my bite and relax many of the muscles causing me pain. Dr. Lopez -Belio helped me. I am sure she could help you.” ~ Bob Biancucci

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