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Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics

Dr. Lopez-Belio places braces that takes into consideration all the factors that impact how you bite. A Neuromuscular Dentist studies your mouth from various perspectives, concentrating on the interaction of the facial muscles with the joints and bones of your jaw,  the position of your teeth, and your airway, so that when the braces are placed, the end result will be an optimal bite, avoiding the chance for relapse, your whole mouth.

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Neuromuscular Braces Treament

After Braces

Adult Patient Presented with Migraines, Jaw Pain, Neck Pain. After Full Neuromuscular Treatment, She Proceeded to wear full braces (top and bottom). Picture above right, shows patient immediately after her top braces were removed. Incidentally, she’s pain free: No More Migraines, No Neck Pain, No Jaw Pain!


before and after braces by Wellington Laser Dentistry

Below,  a young man’s before and after braces pictures, with one picture boasting braces…

Before and After Braces, patient photos, photo of teeth with braces

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